Royal highness crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman / Mahnaz Hedayati

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In the name of loving God how habitude love in our soul
Official proposal
Royal highness crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman , I Mahnaz Hedayati , writer and poet, born in ancient Iran the land of plenty with thousands of years of history in the world, resident of beautiful country of England, officially from the bottom of my heart proposing to marry you.
By this proposal I want to show my responsibility to my broken heart, the heart which has been involved for years in your beautiful love, a love which started from a book and after 10 years of writing this book which was never completed and still is in my body and soul and will stay in me until my death, because this love is a heavenly and godly love, this is not an earthly love, I decided to propose to you because the god of love wants me to:
The god of love made me your lover and your soul my lover for the past 10 years, I know that your body was unaware of this love, but all aspects of our love even every details of our marring has been written in my book, which I named it mannequin and two dead human. Everything has been so romantic, the soul of human beings will be concurred by love then the body of human being will touch the love, the love which when human gets involved in it,one won’t distinguish between the poor and the king, white and black, countries or continents or nationality or religious, politic, old, young, male, female, love has only one colour, love is dark red even though humans are in different colour white, black, yellow and tanned, with colourful politics, colourful cultures deferent religions with colourful traditions and customs, but heart of all human beings who live on this planet earth is one colour, dark red.
My dowry for you is only one single red rose, the same colour as love red colour, the colour of our hearts.

With love and respect
Mahnaz Hedayati



من به زندگی در کاخ فکر نمی کنم اما تجربه زندگی من از کاخ نشینی خیلی تلخ است اجداد من روزی در کاخ سلطنتی زندگی می کردند من از نوادگان خاندان پادشاهی قاجار هستم که حدود 100 سال قبل در ایران برکنار شدند اجداد من از کاخ بیرون رانده شدند و آوارگی قسمت ما شد . خود ما هم 36 سال پیش شاهد فرو ریختن کاخ شاهنشاهی در ایران بودیم محمد رضا شاه پهلوی را از کاخش بیرون کردند یعنی کاخ ها را گذاشتند و رفتند پس این کاخ ها فرو ریختنی هستند ناگهان فرو می ریزند . کاخ صدام حسین فرو ریخت کاخ حسنی مبارک فرو ریخت کاخ دیگر رهبران سیاسی هم در منطقه فرو ریخت و خواهد ریخت کاخ بشار اسد هم فرو خواهد ریخت البته کاخ ها فرو نمی ریزند بلکه پادشاهان و حکامان جدید می ایند و می روند اما این کاخ دل و عشق است که باقی می ماند و جاودانه می شود و این عشق است که صاحب جاودانه کاخ دل است . با سپاس مهناز هدایتی

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