I am living in paradise

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 این  سروده از مهناز هدایتی  در سال 2010 موفق به دریافت تقدیر نامه از جانب ملکه انگلستان شد  با سپاس بیکران از محبت ایشان

Poem by Mahnaz Hedayati

Translated from the Persian original by an anonymous translator



I am living in paradise


Yes … I am living in paradise

I swear to God I am telling you the truth

Britain is an earthly paradise with two windows

opening onto love and freedom


Looking through it

you see the day illuminated by the sun

and the night by the moon

When the moon has just risen

it takes girls as pretty as houris of paradise

to discos

with police escorts

You see them dancing till sunrise

in the arms of loving boys

As soon as day breaks

you see them handed over to the sun

with their tender bodies

untouched by whips

untarnished by torture

and  not fragmented by stoning


I am living in paradise

My witness is this septuagenarian woman

who lovingly kisses her boy-friend

who, thinking of him

places newly purchased bottles of whiskey and beer in her bag


My mother used to say

“whoever drinks beer will go to hell”.

But this English septuagenarian

who drives without glasses

whose eyes see clearly

and who has no fear of the hell

sits at her state-of-the-art computer

and types the news of her country’s economic progress

While she is busy typing quickly

you can observe her long, varnished fingernails

and you can hear her

whispering a gentle tune


In Britain

no bird is without a nest

no cat is without a house to which it belongs

no dog is a stray dog

no river is devoid of water

and no divorced woman

sleeps outside her husband’s entrance door

shivering from cold

The warm fireplace of her free house

given to her as the Queen’s gift

warms her so pleasantly

that she laughs happily with her dear kids

who are also dear to the Queen’s heart

and who are paid handsomely every month

by the Queen’s government

She enjoys herself and laughs loudly

She shops every day

without any sign of her funds coming to an end

She takes her kids to a free school

while she herself

heads for the sauna

for the swimming pool

and for the gymnasium

so that she develops a good figure


She has no idea

of how the world of politics operates

but she is quite familiar with this principle

Law equals justice … law equals justice


I am living in paradise

Following hours of sunshine

rain descends to bring us bounty

It makes the fields green and fertile

and endows fruit trees with lush blossoms

And all this happens while no blood is shed


I feel pity for the flowers of my faraway motherland

where people long for a drop of rain

where they suffer and burn

through no fault of their own


I put on my sunglasses

and drive, weeping,

along highways of envy

I so much wish the queen of rain

had not been chased out of Iran



30th of Auguat, 2009



  1. Farid Rafiee می‌گوید:

    Great writing!very interesting
    Congratulation for prize.I hope you be always happy and success.

  2. afsaneh می‌گوید:

    بسیار زیبا و جالب بود ، مهناز عزیز

    شما از افتخارات ما ایرانیان هستید

  3. ایران می‌گوید:

    این چه افتخاری است که از انگلیسی جایزه بگیری

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